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Marijuana: To legalize or not, that is the question.

Marijuana: To legalize or not, that is the question.

November 07
00:00 2016
  • Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine and the DPH conspired to coverup for the AG the killing of a Trooper.
  • Summary:How a corrupt medical marijuana program killed a Massachusetts State Trooper and destroyed a Physician’s life.

    How Medical marijuana and a corrupt government killed a Massachusetts State Trooper and destroyed a Physician and her family’s life.

    The collusion of theMassachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine and the Massachusetts DPH and AG responsible for a State Troopers death and the destruction of a Physicians’ life.

    — Pastor Rob Munro

    BOSTON, MASSASHUSETTS, UNITED STATES, November 7, 2016/ — Marijuana, to legalize you need governmental support.

    Marijuana Legalization: The Humanitarian Church’s perspective and how Medical Marijuana destroyed a physicians career, business, family, future and nearly killed her.

    Marijuana legalization, why it may not be time. A Pastors’ perspective and a Physicians life ruined and how they were nearly killed.


    Standing up for what is right will cost you your life but if you don’t your life will not be worth living.

    How the State of Massachusetts will persecute and wrongly prosecute anyone who goes against their position regardless of the voters will of legalizing marijuana as evidenced by their actions to date in the Medical Marijuana Program and as further proven by the death of State Trooper Clardy and the destruction of Dr. Downey and her family’s life, business and future.

    My name is Robert Munro. In addition to being the Co-Founder of MD Medical Spa and Wellness Center, the MD standing for Munro/Downey, I am the Pastor of the Humanitarian Church and owner of the Humanitarian Companies.

    Dr. Katherine Downey, my significant other and partner, Kate, were chased through Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, back through New Hampshire into Vermont then back to Massachusetts before fleeing to the midwest and ultimately to Washington D.C. while avoiding 13 attempts against our lives all for being in Medical Marijuana Business in Massachusetts, and reporting how a fraudulent business contributed to a Massachusetts’ State Troopers death. Had we known the State of Massachusetts was responsible for the Troopers’ death we still would have reported it but would have taken precautions first.

    Who would suspect that a Governor, an Attorney General, the Director of the DPH and the Chairperwoman of BORIM would have colluded to help a fraudulent business?

    The reason I am sharing this with you is to inform the public about the issues in regards to supporting the legalization of marijuana in the commonwealth and the difficulties therein.

    First and foremost, unless Government supports the legislation they will act in opposition to the voters will as proven by the DPH and the Board of Medicine and the Governor of Massachusetts and their actions against, Dr. Downey, MD Medical and me and the tragedy that led to Trooper Clardy’s death.

    The Department of Public Health was informed of the fraudulent operations of CannaCare by Dr. Downey, a mandatory reporter and by the local news media yet they turned a blind eye to it because the illegal CannaCare operation was supplying fraudulent patients to the program whose fees provided over $2.5 million in annual revenue to the DPH and a bevy of patients to inure business into wanting to open dispensaries. If the DPH, The Board of Registration in Medicine and the Attorney General had met their responsibilities as it relates to overseeing the program as outlined by their own guidelines, Massachusetts State Trooper Thomas Clardy would likely still be alive and Dr. Downey would still have her wonderful life.

    As such even if the legislation passes, you can be assured that wrongful prosecution and persecution from the state will continue as evidenced by their actions within the MMJ program to date. One such possibility of wrongful protection you will see will be an increase in OUI arrests. Marijuana stays in your system for 30 days and will show up in the mandated blood test if their is an injury associated with an accident and if you refuse the test you will loose your right to operate a vehicle for a year.

    This you can be assured of happening on a large scale because the attorney general opposes legalization. Additionally, schools and businesses that do not support the legalization will ostracize users.

    And as it turns out, Marijuana in the State of Massachusetts is already illegally legalized by the state through the corrupt MMJ program. For a couple of hundred dollars and a few minutes of your time regardless of a medical condition being confirmed or diagnosed, CannaCare and the State of Massachusetts will license you for the use and you too can be a drug dealer legally.

    Furthermore, MMJ along with other pharmaceuticals are not needed because 80% of the chronic illnesses in our country are directly related to diet and lifestyle and MMJ and pharmaceuticals treat the symptoms of illness and disease but all you have to do to avoid symptomatic treatment and cure or stop the progression and in many cases reverse the 80% of the illnesses like Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart Disease, Obesity, Metabolic Syndrome, Altheimer’s, Parkinson’s and 70% of Cancers is to switch to the Whole Foods Plant Based Diet as supported by many physicians today.

    So, Kate and I have lost our lives, our business, our family and home but what I have found is spirituality and if you want to know how to cure yourself of disease and not be reliant on medicine and extend your life please email me at thehumanitarianchurch@gmail.com or you can visit our website at www.thehumanitarianchurch.org and learn about it there.

    So, if we can change the outcome of your health outlook and that of your families then maybe our sacrifice will not be in vain. Imagine living without the fear of illness and disease and living 20-30 years longer than expected as a healthy productive member of society. Please consider this so that our losses have some benefit.


    Company Name: The Humanitarian Church
    Full Name: Pastor Rob Munro
    Phone: 781-264-3053
    Email Address: thehumanitarianchurch@gmail.com
    Website: www.thehumanitarianchurch.org

    Pastor Rob Munro
    The Humanitarian Church
    email us here

    Tragic loss of a Troopers life and a Physicians career.


    Contact Detail:

    Company Name: The Humanitarian Church
    Contact Person: Pastor Rob Munro
    Address: 19 Washington Street
    City: Norwell
    State: Massachusetts
    Phone No: 781-264-3053
    Email: thehumanitarianchurch@gmail.com
    Website Url: www.thehumanitarianchurch.org

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