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The Benefits of Using Lead Markers in Medical Imaging

04/13/2023- Middlesex, NJ: When handling X-rays and other medical imaging, it can be difficult to make the appropriate markings. In addition, you may have to work with those x-rays for

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Five Ways That Forgiveness Can Heal Your Heart & Mind

Holding a grudge against someone or even yourself can have a profound negative impact on your mental health and even cause you feel out of alignment spiritually. To forgive is

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The Best Fit Over Safety Glasses for Medical Personnel from AttenuTech®

09/09/2022 – Lutz, Florida: We understand that, at times, you’re just looking for a pair of safety glasses at the clinic or the hospital and ready to wear. However, you

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The Terrorist Therapist® Marks The 21st Anniversary of 9/11 with a Mobile Billboard of Hope & Healing Circling Around Ground Zero in NYC & Pentagon in DC.

On September 11th, if you’re near Ground Zero in NYC or The Pentagon in Washington DC between 8am-4pm EST- you will see a Mobile Billboard Truck playing a music video to bring

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Five Game-Changing Facts to Know Before Buying a Foreclosure

Foreclosure properties can sometimes offer the best prices on the Market and it’s why they are highly sought after by

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FEELSOUL is back on the scene with a brand new release: The Surface.

April 23rd, 2021 FEELSOUL releases a new musical project. April 2021 – FEELSOUL is an artist and songwriter who perfected

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Easy and Safe Crowdfunding Solutions Now With Go Get Fund Me

GoGetFundMe has come up with the best crowdfunding solutions now that offers the options for campaigns in a plethora of

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ART IMITATES LIFE with Tanya M. Dixon (Podcast)

Tandiland Ventures LLC presents the new podcast show ART IMITATES LIFE with Tanya M. Dixon! The 2-hour talk and music

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Homo stimulus – the man of the future

The future belongs to an almost evolutionary development of mankind: the Homo stimulus. In an interview, Andreas Herteux explains this

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Second Sight TV launches a new Paranormal TV series

Media Inquiries and Interviews are welcomed. Pensacola, Florida — Second Sight TV is set to launch a new paranormal TV

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